Coral Ridge Studio Apartments

A wonderful villa

welcome to Coral Ridge Studio Apartments

Trinidad and Tobago Villas presents its featured vacation home - Coral Ridge Studio Apartments. We hope you find your vacation getaway here, if not, please feel free to browse our Full Listing of trinidad and tobago hotels and villas!

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  • Air Conditioning
  • Fenced Compound
  • Close to Beaches
  • Kids Friendly Spaces
  • Parking Available
  • Security Cameras
  • Cable / DirecTV / Digicel Play
  • Internet Included
  • Water Heater
  • 24/7 Security
  • Patio Area

Property Location

This beautiful Tobago villa is located in the wonderful village of Crown Point. Did you know that Tobago has the Largest Brain Coral in the World – A majestic world can be discovered all with a breath and dive. Among the fish of all sizes and colours, stingrays, turtles, eels, plants, sponges in the waters of Tobago divers can discover the world's largest single brain coral colony measuring 10ft (3M) high and 16ft (5.3M) across! Check out our tobago villas and hotels today! –

Rooms & Pricing

This Tobago villa is priced at $500.00TT Nightly. It also consists of 1 bedroom(s) for potential guests. The owner is anxious to hear from you if you are interested, and would ensure that your stay with them is spectacular.

Further Property Description

Our apartments have Six (6) available rooms, each costing TT $500.00 per night. Self contained apartments, fully equipped and furnished in a scenic natural environment. Swimming Pool and FREE Wifi available. The famous Store Bay and Pigeon Point beach facilities are just a ten minute walk. Local restaurants, bars, nightclubs are all within your reach. Banks, pharmacy, car rentals.